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Friday, 22 September 2017

Rebasing a Verminlord #1

The rebasing from Square to round bases still continues in the hobby shed. I have 4 skaven monsters to get rebased altogether, Thanquol & Boneripper, Hellpit Abomination  I had bought round bases of Ebay and they ended up being really big! A bit to big! So i decided fill the base out and make it a scenic base.

As you can see i will be using parts from the Garden of Morr set. Most of the building is done for now. I removed the gates from the entry part and had to cut off parts from the sides to get it to fit on the base. It was a little tricky to fit the Verminlord just right on it but it was even tricker to to fit it comfortably on with his tail attached. I had his tail magnetized so it was easy to take off but now its going to have to be glued on. 

Going to be working on it over the next few days so stay tuned!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Old School Verminlord

This has got to be one of favourite ebay finds. I've loved this model from when i first started collecting Skaven. i usually hate working with the old metal models but this one was a joy to work on. Only part i had to change was his tail. His original tail was missing so i went looking through bit bitz box and funnily enough it was a piece from the new Verminlord kit that was a perfect fit!

I used a garden of morr piece on the base because i'm wanting to tie in all future skave projects with the same scenic bases.

WIP Pictures

Finished model 

I am surprisingly happy with the glow effect from the warp stone in his fore head. I dry brushed the area around the stone with the brightest green i had, i think it was the old scorpion green paint and it it turned out just right.

Here the video of the model i did for tje SpungeHammer YouTube channel

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Deathwing Terminators unit finished: Hobby Journal

Oh boy. Do you know how good it feels to write a post about a unit that i finally got around to finishing?  There are numerous units i have started over the years only to have fallen wayside and into section of the hobby shed i call the "Blues Box".  Not a physical box but more of a metaphoric box. All it consists of is the endless cycle that us hobbyists abide to. Buy-start-blues box-repeat.

But thankfully i took the finger out of my ass and said to myself "Spunge, finish this fucking unit for god sake". And that i did! i will admit i had a bit of the "hobby fear" to get the color of the armour nice and smooth but it worked out ok in the end.

The armour was painted with 2 layers of zandri dust with reikland fleshshade in the recesses.

Kept the bases simple using cork and adding lighter shades of grey. These terminators are from the starter set Dark Vengeance and i got that set when it was fist came out so it has been a project waiting to get started for some time.

To keep the 40K momentum going i'm planning on working on some more space marines. For the emperor!!!