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Saturday, 23 December 2017

A Deathrunner & Deathrunner conversion

I had gotten two Skaven Deathrunner models of Ebay a few months back and had completely forgotten to share what i did with them. I love this model and please god the get a release by themselves, just like most of the silver tower models did :-(

You get two Deathrunners in a set and i really wanted to do something completely different with the other one. So for some reason i decided to give him wings! Used the wings from the crypt horrors box and they fitted perfect. The torch gives him the look of a gargoyle and he comes out at night

Monday, 18 December 2017

What's on Spunges Hobby Desk?

Well it has been a while! I was starting to think i was never going get back into the hobby. Second year in college has been taking up every single second of time i have but if i'm not doing some hobby then at least i'm doing something positive!

Clan Eshin Warband

The last thing i was wanting to start was a Skaven Clan Eshin warband and i did a live stream video in the YouTube channel a while ago about making a list for it. So rewrote the list as a rough outline on what way i'm going to build the warband.

  • Assassin x2- weeping blades and fighting claws
  • Black Skaven x4- warplock pistol, halberd/spear x2, sword
  • Eshin Sorceror-  staff and scroll
  • Night Runners x4 - daggers x2, sword, spear
  • Verminkin x4 - sword & shield x2, spear x2
  • Giant Rats x5
  • Rat Ogre
I also want to keep in mind the special rules eshin has in the mordheim rulebook to try and incorporate them into the model and the basing.
So that's rough build of the warband. Some equipment might be changed depending on if i have the bitz and the model looks right. this build i based on the Mordheim warband list for clan eshin because if you wanted a pure eshin list using the Age of Sigmar skirmish rules it would be just 2 deathrunners some nightrunners.

See the problem there?

The Deathrunners only come in the first silver tower box and the available night runner models are the worst models in the Skaven range. So by the looks of it i'm going to have to do some kitbashing and converting. The best way to start is with the Skaven Blood Bowl box. And if i can get my hands on anymore Deathrunners off ebay they are going to be used as well 

Only part i have messed around with so far is sticking some skaven heads in some goblin bodies. Maybe they could work as some deformed Giant rats maybe?........Maybe not! lol

This guy, the Verminlord Deceiver, is going to be the centerpiece of the warband. Obviously he used in the warband but still looks cool as their leader! 

Stay tuned for updates!

Friday, 22 September 2017

Rebasing a Verminlord #1

The rebasing from Square to round bases still continues in the hobby shed. I have 4 skaven monsters to get rebased altogether, Thanquol & Boneripper, Hellpit Abomination  I had bought round bases of Ebay and they ended up being really big! A bit to big! So i decided fill the base out and make it a scenic base.

As you can see i will be using parts from the Garden of Morr set. Most of the building is done for now. I removed the gates from the entry part and had to cut off parts from the sides to get it to fit on the base. It was a little tricky to fit the Verminlord just right on it but it was even tricker to to fit it comfortably on with his tail attached. I had his tail magnetized so it was easy to take off but now its going to have to be glued on. 

Going to be working on it over the next few days so stay tuned!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Old School Verminlord

This has got to be one of favourite ebay finds. I've loved this model from when i first started collecting Skaven. i usually hate working with the old metal models but this one was a joy to work on. Only part i had to change was his tail. His original tail was missing so i went looking through bit bitz box and funnily enough it was a piece from the new Verminlord kit that was a perfect fit!

I used a garden of morr piece on the base because i'm wanting to tie in all future skave projects with the same scenic bases.

WIP Pictures

Finished model 

I am surprisingly happy with the glow effect from the warp stone in his fore head. I dry brushed the area around the stone with the brightest green i had, i think it was the old scorpion green paint and it it turned out just right.

Here the video of the model i did for tje SpungeHammer YouTube channel

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Deathwing Terminators unit finished: Hobby Journal

Oh boy. Do you know how good it feels to write a post about a unit that i finally got around to finishing?  There are numerous units i have started over the years only to have fallen wayside and into section of the hobby shed i call the "Blues Box".  Not a physical box but more of a metaphoric box. All it consists of is the endless cycle that us hobbyists abide to. Buy-start-blues box-repeat.

But thankfully i took the finger out of my ass and said to myself "Spunge, finish this fucking unit for god sake". And that i did! i will admit i had a bit of the "hobby fear" to get the color of the armour nice and smooth but it worked out ok in the end.

The armour was painted with 2 layers of zandri dust with reikland fleshshade in the recesses.

Kept the bases simple using cork and adding lighter shades of grey. These terminators are from the starter set Dark Vengeance and i got that set when it was fist came out so it has been a project waiting to get started for some time.

To keep the 40K momentum going i'm planning on working on some more space marines. For the emperor!!!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Deathwing Terminators WIP

So after a few weeks i finally had a chance to sit down and get some hobby time in and I have been focusing on trying to get this unit of Deathwing Terminators finished. It’s the unit from the old Dark Vengeance starter set and I’m painting them up as a gift to a friend. 

Right so I have got the base colours on except for some small parts and the weapons.  I’m going to leave them until last. I need to add some highlights onto the smaller parts and even on to the armour. I think the zandri dust colour came out really well on the armour especially after the second layer. The sergeant guy has the most detail and has this robe on him. I put some death guard green on him so the green wouldn’t be the same as the green on his chest piece. I think for the bases I will be using some cork. Just keep it nice and simple.

But I have really enjoyed painting this unit so far. I have had these since the dark vengeance box came out and was never really bothered painting them until now. k

Monday, 7 August 2017

Spunge's Hobby Desk: Deathwing Terminators, Verminlord & Roboute Guilliman

One of the things im working on now is a unit of Deathwing Terminators. Had these since the Dark Vengeance came out a few years back and never really had anything planned for them. I had started a patreon account to go with my YouTube channel and as a thanks to my friend how supported me through it i decided to paint up the unit for him.

I go into greater detail in my YouTube video on the work i have done so far but i pretty much have the base colours down. I like the Zandri Dust colour on the armour, i was considering using a Agrax Earthshade wash in the recess but took a chance on Reikland Fleshshade instead. The softer tone of the Reikland Fleshshade turned out really nice and wasn't to dark. Still a bit to go on the unit but im enjoying painting these.

I showed this off in a previous ebay loot post but i randomly started painting his skin one day with Bugmans Glow followed by Reikland Fleshshade. Not much more done other than a few bits but he is next on my painting list!

Finally the last thing on my painting desk is the king of the Ultramarines himself Roboute Guilliman. I have some plans for this guy when i get around to painting him. I have some new Death Guard models and a primaris model that came with the getting started magazine, so i'm thinking of some kind of diorama piece. Hopefully i will get around to it sooner than later!

Monday, 31 July 2017

Easy to Build Box: Death Guard Plague Marines

On a recent trip to a Games Workshop i picked up the Easy to Build Plague Marines. For €12 this is a cool little box to pick up. It has 3 of the new plague marine models that are snap fit and easy to put together. 

I love the look of theses new Plague Marines and the detail on each ones is incredible. They were made up of 4-5 parts each. They went together easily enough without any hassle and the snap fit mechanic works really well. No glue! Although they are some slight mold lines on them.

If you're like me and like to pick up some random models this is handy to pick up but it also gives you a chance to see some of the newer models without buying a €30-€40 box. Other available boxes are the Primaris Marines Intercessors, Reivers and the Poxwalkers.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Ebay Loot: Finally getting the original Verminlord

Anyone remember the Verminlord before the end times? Probably not. but its hard not to have a soft spot for the original model for what is essentially the skaven version of a demon prince. I nearly bought the original metal one brand new but when the newer kit came it got pushed to the side for the new shiney.

I have always kept my eye out for one on ebay but as usual it takes a while to get one at good price. Some prices had gotten really high but eventually i managed to pick it up for €14 including delivery. The only negative about it was his tail was missing. I knew that when buying it and it didn't bother me to much because the price was so good. I used a spare tail from the newer verminlord kit and i will add the Doom Glaive from that kit also.

Stay tuned for when i get around to painting this guy up. Should be fun and looking forward to adding him to my painted collection.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Hobby Journal: Blood bowl Orks & Pre Heresy Word Bearers

Since i finished my Skaven blood bowl team i wanted to keep the momentum going with my Blood Bowl teams so up next was the Ork team that i got with the BB starter box. I have said before that these Ork models are some of my favourite and i'm looking forward to painting them.

I kept the same colours that's shown on the box. I like the Gouged Eye uniforms and armour colour. The skin is something i'm only satisfied with now because i use a lot of old paints but i bought waagh flesh for the basecoat and followed a nuln oil wash. I was then just adding goblin green but i'm going to change that from now on

I was wanting to painting something different and i remembered i had a lot of marines left to paint. since i was painting the red on the Orks armour i decided to paint the pre heresy Word Bearers. Im only painting one for now because i was recording it for a painting tutorial for my YouTube channel. What i like painting a marine is once the Mephiston Red base on instead of just plastering the model with a wash, i only apply it in and recess of the armour